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Becoming a Certified Placement and Referral Specialist means you have undergone rigorous, accredited testing and have exceeded the level of professional competence needed to help families navigate senior housing placement and referral services with easy access to reliable information and trusted resources.

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What is a CPRS Agent?

CPRA agents have achieved the reputable Certified Placement and Referral Specialist (CPRS) designation. They are experienced, knowledgeable partners the public can trust with proven credibility. They are dedicated specialists who have undergone accredited testing and exceeded the established level of professional competence required within the senior placement industry. CPRS-certified agents can handle a wide variety of placement situations and help their senior clients get peace of mind when making informed decisions about where they will call home next.

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How do You Become a CPRS Agent?

If you are interested in pursing your CPRS certification, please refer to the handbook (link below). Everything you need to know about this journeyman's test is in this handbook.

CPRS Handbook

What are the Fees Associated with CPRS Certification?

Remote Testing Fee (first time testing)

  • NPRA Member $349.00
  • Non-Member $749.00

Testing Fee for Retakes (if you received a no-pass score on the first test)

  • NPRA Member $149.00
  • Non-Member $249.00
Register for the Exam

CPRS Annual Renewal Fees

  • NPRA Member $159.00
  • Non-Member $189.00
CPRS Renewal Form

Track Your CEs on the NPRA Website

10 hours/year or more of CPRS-approved continuing education is required to maintain your CPRS certification. To help you track your education, you can upload your documentation or certificates to your member profile on the website. Simply login to your profile and click on "My CEs" in the Quick Links box on the right rail. Add your CE, upload a certificate or other documentation. When you require a list of your earned education, simply download it from there.

CPRS agents have achieved the coveted CPRS Certification. The NPRA Credentialing Department upholds NPRA’s established policies and procedures in maintaining the integrity of all examinations set in accordance with NPRA’s accreditation standards. The CPRS certification is awarded only to individuals who meet the eligibility requirements for the certification and then demonstrate that they meet or exceed the established level of professional competence by passing the certification examination. Governance for CPRS certification program direction is provided by the NPRA Board of Directors and the CPRS certification team, under the direction of the NPRA’s National Executive Director. The National Executive Director oversees all administrative acts of the NPRA Credentialing Department, including management of all NPRA meetings and processes focused on NPRA Certifications, exam development, disciplinary committees, and management of NPRA’s business relationships with Professional Testing, the testing service provider that NPRA contracts for the development, delivery, scoring, validation, and security of the CPRS certification exam. In order to earn the CPRS Certification, candidates must first meet the eligibility requirements, and then must register for and pass the certification examination. NPRA will not grant a certification to any individual based on education and/or experience, as all CPRS certifications must be earned. CPRS Certifications are valid for one year, to maintain certification, an annual certification fee is due. However, 10 hours or more of CPRS-approved continuing education and applicable renewal fees must be uploaded to your member profile on the website to maintain your certification